Case analysis of Eye Consultants of Colorado's Marketing Results
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Marketing4ECPs has built a proven marketing program for the independent optometrist. Eye Consultants of Colorado launched their Marketing4ecps program in 2015. The analysis below highlights the impact seen in their practice within the first 18 months.

5 Questions with Eye Consultants of Colorados' Dr. Scot Morris

We had a website and social media account for some time, but I was reluctant to invest the time and money in advertising. However, like many independent business owners, we began to recognize how the digital world was changing the way our patients found and interacted with our business. So in 2015, we were convinced to try the Marketing4ecps program for 6 months.
We had worked hard to ensure our office was welcoming to patients as soon as they walked in the door. That included the decor, the design, and how our staff interacted with patients. A major realization was that we worked so hard on these things to make a good first impression when in fact that first impression started on our website. We found that the majority of people coming to our office had first been to our website. It motivated us to ensure that not only was it well designed, but that it was highly effective in inviting patients into our practice be it for an appointment with one of our doctors, or to shop for new frames.
Digital marketing has not only been an effective tool in growing our patient population, but it has been a tremendously valuable tool in the measurement of our marketing as a whole, both offline and online. I’m an analytical guy and have always been astutely focused on our marketing metrics. We now have full transparency of where every marketing dollar we invest goes, and the impact it is making on the business. It allows us to be really efficient with our marketing dollars.
Digital marketing has made us more adventurous yet more calculated because we now have a measurement process that reduces the guessing game we had traditionally found marketing and advertising to be. If we want to try a new advertising avenue we know we have a way to measure the results.
When it is time to get serious, seek professional assistance. We like to believe that we were early adopters of digital marketing and the opportunities it presented to our practice, but it wasn’t until we began working with a team of digital professionals from all areas of marketing who had the ability and know how to pull our efforts together and focus them in a focused direction did we see the results we enjoy today.

I was never a big believer in external marketing - I always grew my practice by providing the best patient experience, knowing their referrals would keep new patients coming in. Kevin and his team convinced me to try their program for 6 months, and the results have been phenomenal. New patient growth has never been higher and the ROI on my marketing investment is stronger than I ever expected.

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